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Terms of Use / Privacy Policy for Web Based Training (WBT)

1. Terms of use of the online training platform

1.1 All Webinars (WEB) and Web Based Trainings (WBT) on the online training platform are courses offered by RD Aviation Service – Ralf Daniel (hereinafter RD). Sign-up/registration is free of charge. Courses that require an enrollment key or an activation after registration are offered at a fee (excluding guest access). The courses are exclusively designed to train users in the required content for the specific subject area of the training program. Please note the copyright information. All rights to content saved on the training platform and used for the purpose of teaching the course belong to the respective authors or third parties referred to.

1.2 The online trainings platform is provided without assurances or guarantees. The respective courses are prepared and made available for use according to the current state of knowledge. However, the user is informed that rules and regulations or the legal situation may change. The operator assumes no liability for any advice given or the use of knowledge acquired.

1.3 Use of the content both online and offline is permitted only in the context of the respective training course offered. Personal access and the additional access keys for courses offered may only be used by the intended user.

1.4 Users agree to provide accurate personal information and submit proof of their identity with an official identity proof in time for their certification exam.

1.5 Third-party use in any form to obtain a certification is prohibited.

1.6 Every user of the training platform bears full responsibility for his/her activities within the training platform and the associated services. It is in particular prohibited to publish, transmit or distribute content and/or statements that are unlawful, especially content that is offensive, glorifies violence, is discriminatory or expresses extremist views.

1.7 Moreover, it is prohibited to use offensive content, ambiguous names and/or other depictions that are suspected of being unlawful but cannot ultimately be determined as such.

1.8 Users are not permitted to place hyperlinks to external web sites or pages within the training platform.

1.9 User activities aimed at disabling the services offered on the training platform or making their use more difficult are prohibited and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

1.10 Users agree to immediately report any violations of these Terms of Use by other persons within the training platform to training@aviation-service.de.

1.11 The operator of the training platform reserves the right to change access keys or to block or remove access for an important reason.

2 Privacy policy

2.1 The use of the training platform is voluntary.

2.2 The information you enter or that is generated when you use the training platform is processed once you register on the platform. Some of this information may be personal and is therefore subject to data protection regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation requires that detailed information be provided to the user on the nature and extent of the collection of personal information and its further processing and use, which is described below.

2.3 Your information will not be shared in any form with third parties.

2.4 Internet providers are able to trace this data back to the time and place of its origin. We do not process this data further.

2.5 Personal user information is saved in a database exclusively for internal purposes to certify users and to operate the training platform.

2.6 The software on which the training platform is based is able to save data in a database that records when which users access what training platform content via the information entered at sign-up/registration and the additional information created either automatically or entered by the users themselves. The viewing of these logs is disabled for the services offered for all user roles except for the head administrator.

2.7 The time of last login is saved and displayed in every user’s profile. User profiles can only be viewed by course instructors and the head administrator but not by other users.

2.8 Other logged information includes but is not limited to – depending on the individual courses offered – whether users have completed their assigned tasks, whether or not they are contributing to any forums offered and what their contributions are, and whether and how they have participated in the workshops. Depending on the didactic purpose, the information may be available to all users, a (sub)group of users or just the course instructors. The information is used solely to carry out each course and is not shared with other persons or parties, not even in anonymised form. Only general statistical data is used to evaluate the courses offered.

2.9 Even if you are using a guest access, information you enter or that is automatically generated when you use the training platform is processed on the server. Examples of how to use the training platform are shown for users with guest access. Guests do not have access to any personal information or dynamic data such as personal profiles, posts on forums, comments, tasks, tests, etc.

2.10 The following personal information is saved when you sign up/register: User name, Password, First name, Last name, Title, Date of birth, Company, Street, Zip code, City/Town, Country, Office phone, Mobile phone, E-mail  (all mandatory fields are in bold).

2.11 In addition to the mandatory fields for signing up/registering, you may also have the option of entering and changing other personal information to be saved.

3 Copyrights

3.1 All publications, in particular course content and accompanying course materials, are copyright protected. The user and/or contractual partner may not reproduce documents in whole or in part in any form (photocopy, microfilm or by any other means) or use electronic systems to store, reproduce, process or share documents with third parties without the written consent of RD. As a precaution, the user and/or contractual partner is reminded that in the case of copyright infringement the offender may be liable for compensation and subject to injunction and legal action may be taken.

3.2 Any commercial use of the course materials, except by RD or on behalf of RD, is prohibited.

4 Consent

4.1 By signing up/registering for the training platform https://www.training.aviation-service.de you acknowledge this information and accept these Terms of Use and the collection and use of data as described above.

4.2 You cannot use the content offered on the training platform without giving your consent.

4.3 You may view the consent information at any time via the corresponding link on the training platform. You may revoke your consent at any time by submitting an appropriate declaration to the administrator of the training platform. Please send questions or messages by email to: training@aviation-service.de.

4.4 By accepting the user agreement I declare that I have read, understand and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Date: January 01, 2021