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Dangerous Goods Training - Safety first!

Safety is the most important aspect in aviation. Therefore, shippers and packers, freight forwarders, operators and ground handling agents, and security screeners working in the passenger, freight, baggage or mail handling, must receive training in the field of transporting dangerous goods by air (ICAO T.I. / IATA DGR).

The training needs depend on the job function and the qualification is achieved through Competency-based training and assessment – CBTA.

ICAO has published recommendations for clearly defined job descriptions (well defined roles) that describe the competencies to be achieved through the training and assessment (ICAO Doc 10147). These form the basis for the modules published by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) per job function.

If the training and assessment is successfully passed, this is confirmed by a certificate. This certification has a validity till the end of the actual month plus 24 months.

If a recurrent training and assessment is completed successfully within 3 months before expiration of the current certificate, the validity of the new certificate is issued then for 24 months starting from the month on which the validity of the current certificate expires.

As German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt / LBA) certified trainer with an approved training program we are allowed to perform the training needs analysis and conduct these trainings.

The following types of training are possible:

  • Classroom training: Initial and recurrent training for all modules
  • Webinars: Initial training for modules A, B, D, G and I to T, as well as recurrent training for all modules
  • Web Based Training (WBT): Initial and recurrent training for modules D, G and I to T